How Can Pimple Popping Lead to an Outbreak?

How Can Pimple Popping Lead to an Outbreak?

Have you ever woken up, went to get ready in front of the mirror only to find a reddish bulge on your forehead? You have a pimple! The thing that all teenagers dread and even now you hate. They come at the worst of times and threaten to ruin your day. That is when the thought of popping the pimple comes. Yet many skin professionals say not to due to the fact that it could bring more harm than good. Is this true though?

Pimples are caused by pores becoming clogged. Sometimes they are caused by an excess of oils becoming stuck and there being inflammation. Other times the pores become filled with dead skin and oil that hardens together inside the pores. By popping your pimples, you allow for the opportunity of the oils and dead skin to potentially fall into other pores and for the formation of more acne to happen. This can lead to an outbreak. 

There is still a solution to your pimple problems! The following are tips on how to help prevent acne from forming!

Popping your pimples can lead to an outbreak. Though by leaving them alone, you can actually help your skin forever. Have a great day everyone! 

Until next time, stay radiant!

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