Dry Skin Type

Dry skin arises from reduced sebum production and can be temporary or permanent. Common symptoms include a tight feeling, rough texture, flaking, and redness. It's often caused by environmental factors like cold weather, heaters, hot showers, and harsh soaps. If neglected, it can lead to eczema flare-ups and bacterial infections. Proper care is essential to prevent these complications.

Dermaesthetics' products have been specifically formulated to combat the challenges of dry skin. They are enriched with hydrating and nourishing ingredients that mimic the skin's natural sebum, offering deep moisture and protection. With regular use of Dermaesthetics treatments not only restores skin hydration but also alleviates symptoms like tightness, flaking, and redness. Infused with potent antioxidants, they can also shield against environmental stressors, ensuring a supple, resilient, and refreshed complexion, bringing relief and radiance to dry skin.