A Skin Care Regime for Expecting Moms

A Skin Care Regime for Expecting Moms

Hello soon to be moms! I want to share with you that it is okay to take care of yourself. Your skin is going through some things, and sleepless nights are not fun. Though, I want to help you all out by giving you a simple skincare regime in order to brighten not only your skin but your day as well! 

Step 1: Start with a Cleanser. For those who are breastfeeding or expecting, I would like to recommend that you use either Silk Milk Cleanser or Hydrating Cleanser. Hydrating Cleanser is a great cleanser for those with dry skin as it cleans the skin without drying it out. Silk Milk Cleanser is made for sensitive skin, which is good because the rapid changes in hormones cause the skin to be sensitive in most women. This cleanser also soothes the skin while cleaning it. 

Step 2: Follow up with a quick toner. I would recommend either Antioxidant Toner or O2 Hydra Mist. Many women who are pregnant or breastfeeding experience a loss in hydration for their skin. Antioxidant Toner is a great toner to help your skin have more antioxidants. O2 Hydra Mist is a great hydrating toner. It also helps create a barrier against hormonal changes. Both of these toners are very quick to use.  

Step 3: Add in a serum to help your skin further replenish itself. Nourish B Intensive Moisture serum and Vitamin C10 Serum are great for replenishment. Nourish B Intensive Moisture Serum is a great serum due to the fact that it will help you replace any lost moisture from breastfeeding or being pregnant. It also helps your skin absorb and retain moisture. Vitamin C10 Serum is great if you are experiencing hyperpigmentation, as the serum helps with evening out skin tones. 

Step 4: Moisturize. Choosing a moisturizer like Advanced Collagen Formula would help your body by providing it with more collagen. When you are a new mom, the sleepless nights can cause the collagen that your body naturally creates to lessen. This is why using a cream to add in more collagen is helpful.  

This skincare regime is definitely great to help out all new or soon to be mommies. I hope that this helps you feel like yourself in all of the craziness. Thank you, Moms! 

Until next time, my friends, stay radiant!


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