We are so confident that you and your staff will love DBH that we have eliminated any minimum order requirements after your initial order so that we can help grow your business.


We are so confident that you and your staff will love DBH that we have eliminated any minimum order requirements after your initial order so that we can help grow your business.

The DBH Difference

We are the manufacturer of all our products and we own all our formulas.

With that, we’re committed to provide results for you and your clients because that’s why we exist. See how DBH changes the old way of growing your business.

Treatment Solutions: Before and After

Treatment Solutions:
Before and After

Vitamin C Oxygen Peel Solution

The Vitamin C Oxygen Treatment is an advanced exfoliant system benefiting mature, dehydrated, dull, hyper-pigmented and congested skin types.

The unique 2-step system gently exfoliates, while oxygen adds hydration and stimulates an enhanced barrier to instantly reveal a brighter and more smooth complexion.

Glassy Glow Solution

The Glassy Glow Treatment is a combination of peptides and powerful tinted ingredients applied by using nano-needling techniques. It is a semi-permanent alternative to daily foundation that’s safe for all skin types and illuminates a daily glow.

Wake up with clean flawless foundation-like skin.

V-Band Solution

This treatment starts with GA 30 Exfoliator, which prepares the skin for the treatment by gently loosening up the dead skin and oil. Super Moisture Serum deeply replenishes the skin with intense hydration while the Aloe Response Mask soothes and calms.

Shape and sculpt skin with the strength of snail mucin and proteins to lift and firm soft cheeks.

Our Quality,
Your Confidence

Would you buy a product that might work or buy a product that's going to work?

DBH is a clinical luxury line where quality and results are the focus. Building a successful business requires a solid foundation and we’re here to provide that for you. 

Low Cost,
High Value Treatments

Get professional grade peels without paying a premium.

Dermaesthetics is the manufacturer so there is no middle men between us. We are committed to providing the best products and treatments at the best price we can. 


We exist for our professional clients, med spas, dermatologists, and estheticians.

We can’t survive without you and we’re committed to elevating our industry to greater heights and with more compassion and honesty. 

We Stand for Truth

As a family business, we’ve worked hard to build what we have and we want to share that with you.

Dr. Ann Lee immigrated to the USA in 1969 without speaking English and she built up Dermaesthetics to what it is today. For over 40 years in the skin and beauty industry as a manufacturer, we’ve seen our share of half truths and marketing claims.

Our commitment is to provide the best we can and to continually develop formulas that change with our ever growing environment and lifestyles.

We won’t sugarcoat anything and we share all of our insight in development, techniques, and continuing education. 

Change Lives Through Skincare with DBH

Everyone has their reasons for being in the professional skincare industry.

Ours is fulfilling the American Dream for small business owners and helping everyone feel confident in their skin, no matter what age, gender, or ethnicity.

Treatment Solutions: Before and After

Treatment Solutions:
Before and After

Herbal Blend Peel Treatment

This all natural peel uses sea herbs and minerals along with a sea water activator to create a highly effective peel that is controlled solely by pressure and manipulation, revealing a smoother, firmer, and more even toned complexion.

This peel can be used on all Fitzpatrick types and skin conditions and has approximately a week of downtime.

Age Defiance System

The Age Defiance Advanced System helps to restore skin to a state of vitality and youthfulness by addressing loss of firmness, fine lines, wrinkles, and dehydration.

Using an exclusive Dermaesthetics PowerBlend with Squalene and Vitamin E, the skin feels softer and conditioned. Essential peptides assist in collagen and elastin synthesis for firming and lifting while repairing damaged cells.

Smoother skin is unveiled for a healthy and youthful complexion.

Color Correction System

The Color Correction System naturally evens skin tone without hydroquinone. Utilizing a fortified color correction Dermaesthetics PowerBlend formula, the ColorLite Corrective Serum helps sensitive skin combat discoloration, age spots, hyperpigmentation and helps to even skin tone.

Active skin lighteners correct hyperpigmentation and scarring, unveiling a lighter, brighter complexion.

Live & Online Education

Need to train staff? Want a refresher course in hyperpigmentation or chemical peeling? No problem!

DBH offers a wide selection of online and offline courses throughout the world. Master locations can be found in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Phoenix, Hong Kong, Seoul, Busan, Moscow, Singapore, Saigon, Guangzhou, Vancouver (Canada), Mexico City and more.

Discover revolutionary treatments such as Glassy Glow, K-Fit, Dermaplaning, Oil Blading, Organic Herbal Peeling, Micro-needling, 6D Microblading, chemical peeling, and more.

Certifications & Benefits

Building a professional practice isn’t easy, we’re here to help. As a DBH pro, you’ll have access to many resources.

Professional Forms

DBH offers training of skin analysis through various methods and we’re provide complimentary access to clinical forms and business documents that every licensed professional will need.

Personal Representatives

We have a world-class team of estheticians and industry experts who are ready to equip you with the knowledge to change lives through skincare and deliver safe and effective results with Dermaesthetics products.

Online Promotions

We work hard to protect our brand and your business. Be assured your business and clients will stay with you. Every product is individually serialized to verify and protect that your professional business stays that way.

Online Protocols

We all learn differently, that’s why at Dermaesthetics we have live hands-on courses, online tutorials, and printed and video protocols to make sure you’re getting the most from our treatments and improving your clientele’s skin.


Whether it's 10am or 10pm, one of us at DBH will be there for you. 

DBH is always expanding

We’re so excited to be a pillar of influence in the professional skincare industry and we’re only getting better.

Product Solutions: Before and After

Product Solutions:
Before and After

Acne Salix Enzyme

The Salix Enzyme Activator is used to prep the skin for extractions. One of its active ingredients is arginine, which is a natural ingredient found in the skin. It has a high PH level, which makes extractions easier and more comfortable for the client.

This product does not cause any irritation and is safe to use on sensitive skin, leaving it hydrated and revived.

Colorlite Plus

One of Dermaesthetics' signature products, Colorlite is enhanced with Arbutin and the exclusive Whitening Plus PowerBlend Formula. The effectiveness can be seen within the normal skin cycle of approximately 28 days.

As the heart of the Color Correction System, Colorlite Plus unveils a clear and even toned complexion.

Caviar Eye Repair Gel

The Caviar Eye Repair Gel is used to flush out unwanted color around the eyes and intended to promote skin health.

Caviar Extract, a potent antioxidant, is known to eliminate free radicals and repair damaged cells.

Grow with Confidence

Every practice is different. From European massage to acne clinics to med spas and dermatology offices.

DBH offers exclusive products to each sector of aesthetics and clinical and medical grade formulas. DBH takes pride in being able to improve and grow businesses no matter where you are. 

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# of lifetime products


# of treatments provided 
with DBH products


# of products in
DBH catalog


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trainings offered each year


People Love Us

Spotlight Testimonials: Classes

Glassy Glow: The Safer, Clean Foundation Alternative

"The instructor did a great job in covering the course material. His personality was lively and encouraged engagement from all students!!"

- Sam

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Pro Clinical Certification Class

"It was a good experience with the instructor and teaching skills and interacting and answering every question on acne and different pigmentations."

- Michelle, LE

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Master 2-day Clinical Certification 

"This class was excellent -- Heidi was incredibly knowledgeable and articulate. I loved the fact that even though I was in a class with other people, the actual physical space was private and quiet and very conducive to learning! Thank you."

- Susie, CME

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Spotlight Testimonials: Treatments

Green Apple Peel Treatment 

"I was looking for something to fix my dry skin and my esthetician recommended I get this Green Apple Peel Treatment. My skin is definitely more hydrated and made my skin color more even, too!"

- Lillian

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Glassy Glow Treatment 

"My skin isn't what it used to be - I have a fair share of wrinkles. I got this treatment done and it has definitely made a difference in my appearance. I can see a glow on my face and my wrinkles aren't as visible! "

- Maya

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V-Band, Non-Surgical Lifting Treatment 

"Best treatment ever. I got this done for acne and it gave me amazing results, above and beyond what I expected. I don't feel insecure about my face and my skin has never looked better in my life!"

- Gary

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Spotlight Testimonials: Products

Wrinkle Master 

"It is quite effective, I must say. It moisturizes my skin and gives a glass skin type shine. I can see a reduction in fine lines around the mouth. It's excellent."

- Harvey

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Retinol Resurfacing Booster

"I have been using this cream for a couple of months and have seen drastic changes in my skin. It made my skin smooth and helped in reducing pigmentation. Great product!"

- Amora

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Watch our brand story and meet Dr. Ann Lee

Watch our brand story and meet Dr. Ann Lee

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We are so confident that you will love DBH that we have eliminated any minimum order requirements.

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