Hyperpigmentation arises from an excess production of melanin, leading to areas of skin darker than the surrounding. This condition can affect individuals of all skin tones, and its causes are multifaceted. Continuous exposure to UV rays not only results in tanning but can also produce dark sunspots.

Skin injuries, such as acne or minor scrapes, might prompt inflammation and subsequently, heightened melanin production, leaving dark spots after healing. Melasma, characterized by brown patches, is often linked to a mix of sun exposure, genetic factors, hormonal shifts, and potentially skin-bound pollutants.

The Dermaesthetics line aims to actively diminish the appearance of dark spots, sun-induced damage, and uneven skin tone. The kits are enriched with anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin, preventing inflammation, hormonal fluctuations, and environmental pollutants that can trigger further pigmentation.

Dermaesthetics offers robust sun protection, crucial for preventing the exacerbation of pigmentation and protecting the skin's inherent radiance.