Glassy Glow: The Safer, Clean Foundation Alternative

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Glassy Glow: The Safer, Clean Foundation Alternative

Beauty is a personal choice, but most people would agree that it feels good to be confident in how you look. However, today’s busy lifestyles and hectic schedules often mean that our skin suffers from neglect, and we find ourselves looking tired or feeling self-conscious. But fear not! Glassy Glow offers the perfect solution for those wanting flawless foundation results without all the fuss of applying makeup every morning. This treatment combines peptides with powerful tinted ingredients applied by nano-needling techniques to give your skin a glowing finish—without having to apply makeup every day! Read on to learn more about this safe alternative for healthy everyday beauty.


The Glassy Glow Treatment is a combination of peptides and powerful tinted ingredients applied by using nano-needling techniques. It is a semi-permanent alternative to daily foundation that’s safe for all skin types and illuminates a daily glow. Wake up with clean flawless foundation-like skin.

What Are the Benefits?

● Provides a glowing and even-toned finish to the skin
● Boosts collagen production
● Firms the skin by nano stimulation and recovery
● Evens the appearance of discolored skin
● Brighter, mоrе radiant ѕkіn revealing a natural glow
● Reduced appearance of fіnе lіnеѕ and wrіnklеѕ
● Improved texture and recovery of scarring and acne

Is Glassy Glow Safe?

The DBH Glassy Glow is a revolutionary safe treatment that utilizes nano-needling to deeply penetrate much-needed actives into the top layers of the skin while providing a smoother, refined texture, and tone to the stratum corneum. The DBH Glassy Glow treatment is free of parabens, fragrances, alcohol, and allergens. There is no exfoliation greatly reducing the probability of hyperpigmentation or damage.

Do I have to be certified to perform the Glassy Glow Treatment?

Yes, we have online and offline classes that medical professionals and skin care professionals throughout the world enroll in. Sign up below to grow your practice and grow your business & knowledge.

What is in the Kit?

● Glassy Glow Nano Needling Pen (Ionized Blue)
● (6) Starter Compression Nano tips
● (1) Green Apple Premium Cleansing Oil 2oz
● (1) Pre Peel Cleanser 2oz
● (1) Glassy Glow Solution 1oz
● (1) Nano Pen Charger
● (1) Aluminum Traveling Hard Case
● (1) Additional Nano Pen Battery
● (1) Protocol Booklet
● Access to online Demonstration and Technique Resource

Who May Attend:

  • Licensed Professionals
  • Licensed Aestheticians
  • Registered Nurses (RN), Nurse Practitioners (NP), and Physician Assistants (PA).

Location: Online and in person

Disclaimer, The following series of information, training material, manuals, DVDs, and PowerPoints have been prepared for Dermaesthetics Institute of Clinical Aesthetics (DICA) by Isabel Calleros, Aesthetics Educator, in collaboration portion or in-whole with Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills Formula, USA (DBH) and is available to all licensed professionals aesthetics clinicians or enrolled aesthetics students in the beauty and medical fields who have made monetary compensation for this training. All professionals offering these skin and body treatments have the responsibility to investigate their regulatory agencies in their state for the rules and regulations regarding the use of these types of products and modalities for use of beautification.

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