Your BFF, SPF with EGF!

Your BFF, SPF with EGF!


We all know that the sun speeds up the aging process of our skin, sometimes causing irreversible skin pigmentation and damage.

I carry the Dermaesthetics  EGF SPF with me everywhere I go.  This SPF has become my bestie for a solid 5 years now, clearly giving me brighter and more even-tone skin with the magic of plant based EGF, (Epidermal Growth Factor).  It soaks right into my skin without leaving a white or oily layer and doesn’t run into my eyes during a workout or a swim at the beach. I constantly share with all my friends and their children!


Some of the ingredients include

  • Titanium Dioxide
  • EGF
  • Alkyl Benzoate

This sunscreen leaves my skin moisturized, not greasy feeling, and well protected from those UV aging rays!  Did you know those pesky UV rays bounce off the ground and go through windows? They are also stronger on cloudy days?  Who knew?!


Thankfully DBH made the EGF UV Shield with spf50 containing Epidermal Growth Factor to not only protect my skin, but to boost healthy skin cell recovery and production.  It is a WIN-WIN with the DBH EGF SPF. Soon to be your BFF too!


It is never too late to make a good SPF your BFF, so I have been told myself!


Professionals, please contact us to learn more about products, treatments, advanced training, and/or information on becoming a DBH partner. Remember, Healthy Skin is a Healthy You!


xoxo, K


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