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With the fall season and Thanksgiving holiday around the corner, we see a lot of pumpkin-in food, fashion and our faces….What? How does pumpkin benefit the skin?


Apparently, pumpkin has several benefits for skin. First, the seasonal gourd contains many enzymes that are absorbed by the skin and work well to fight the effects of aging on the skin. “I love to shift my clients onto the DBH Professional Pumpkin Peel during the fall”, agrees Michaela Tuleva , Owner of Clinical Aesthetics in Beverly Hills.

“Pumpkin contains natural enzymes that works to optimally exfoliate the skin.”

DBH professional peel is expertly mixed with Glycolic Acid and Malic Acid (AHA) that are 100% derived from naturally sources, so all my clients can feel confident in the ingredients as well as the results.”


So, healthy glowy skin from nature? Sounds good so far. What else can you expect from this seasonal treatment? “Since any type of skin can add-in the DBH Pumpkin Pro Peel, everyone can see immediate results,” explains Lincoln Lee, Director at DermAesthetics Beverly Hills. “We designed this professional treatment for immediate radiance and revitalization. In this city, everyone must look their best at all times. No downtime to hide out, especially in the holidays-time for family, friends, and parties” Additionally, this time of year, clients can go two ways: overly aggressive exfoliation or not enough, so this Pumpkin Pro peel gives the glow back to skin without the aggressive side effects-burning, redness, peeling-that other aggressive treatments can”.


Healthy glow skin with natural ingredients and instant radiance? SIGN ME UP!

Stay tuned video for my personal Pumpkin Pro Peel on YouTube Station next week.

And remember to order yourself a DBH Pumpkin Peel with your pumpkin latte to enjoy your holidays with dazzling skin.

Next up: Green apples in the winter?

pumpkin-peel-1oz                 pumpkin-peel-4oz

Pumpkin Peel (1oz)                               Pumpkin Peel (4oz)

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