SUGAR: Friend or Foe?

All the recent news flooding the media about the hazards of ingesting sugar, everyone starts to wonder: Is sugar my skin a friend or foe?

While an overabundance in our diets is not good for the body nor the skin, there are numerous benefits to the skin from sugar-topically, according to DBH Director, Lincoln Lee. First, sugar acts as a humectant-to hold in water to the skin. It also acts an exfoliant-in two ways. As a manual scrub, sugar crystals mildly exfoliate the surface of the skin. Additionally, and most commonly, sugar is used to gently exfoliate deeper in the skin. As sugar contains AHA-naturally occurring alpha hydroxyl acids, they penetrate the skin’s surface and work to unbind the dead skin cells,leaving a smoother, more even tone to the skin’s surface. The benefits are multiple as a smoother, exfoliated skin accepts serums and moisturizers at a much deeper, more effective level.

Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills utilizes the natural extracts in healthy foods to uncover beautiful skin. For example, the natural apple extracts in the Green Apple Professional Peel harness the exfoliating action of apple pectin-that can smooth and gently exfoliate any type of skin-without the flakiness or peeling caused by other types of peels.

Now if they can just harness the power of a chocolate candy bar, the world would be a great place. Wait! There is more to come on this topic…..


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