by Kristine Seganti


PICTURED ABOVE: Extreme dryness and skin damage due to consistent washing throughout the day.  Client received a DBH hand/half arm treatment.

Did you know that the skin on the palms of your hands and bottom of your feet have the thickest skin on your entire body? The ridges on your hands and feet (fingerprints/footprints) help us grab onto objects and allow us to do more without damaging our true skin, the dermis. Compromising the health of the skin on our hands and feet can stop us from completing simple daily tasks due to sensitivity, cracks and pain.  Unknowingly, we cause daily stress to our hands that may result in temporary or permanent damage.  Irritated, raw, cracks that go deep into the dermis of our skin can be due to many things.

  • Overexposure and/or repeated exposure to chemicals/cleaning products/bleach…

  • Over-washing of hands

  • Taking hot showers

  • Dehydration

  • Continuous use of anti-bacterials that are high in alcohol content

  • Lack of lipids

  • etcetera…

Microscopic cracks in the skin cause Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), allowing nutrients and moisture that normally stay within the skin to escape!  The direct results of TEWL are cracks, peeling and bleeding – overall pain.


If you have dry, peeling hands that are sensitive, irritated, cracking, and even bleeding…

  1. Wear gloves while dusting, washing dishes, gardening, washing the car and especially while using household cleaners that contain chemicals!

  2. Use a gentle moisturizing hand wash. If extremely sensitive, use no fragrance/no dyes.

  3. Moisturizer your hands throughout the day with hand moisturizer, not body lotion

  4. Avoid antibacterial wipes/gels with alcohol, although they are used to reduce bacteria, they are often too strong

  5. At night add a bit of Vitamin E to your hand moisturizer before bed

Hydration and a strong skin barrier protect our entire body!  Proper attention and care to your skin will differ based upon the source causing the damage.


DBH Hand Treatment Products

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Detoxification Gel Mask

Nourish B Intensive Moisture Serum

Aloe Response Mask

Cellular Hydrating Mask

C-Lester Topical Vitamin C20 Serum

Phospholipid Cream

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Aloe Response Mask and hand cream

Healthy Skin, Healthy You!

xo, K

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