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The holiday times has arrived-long days at work, longer nights after work…shopping, late parties, more selfies, and then it is less sleep, more eat… the holiday havoc is showing all over my face! Isn’t this supposed to be the best time of the year? Not with dry lines, breakouts and lack luster skin. As I hit the refresh button on my phone, I think its time for a refresh button for my skin…. Time to call DermAesthetics!


A very wise esthetician shared with me a great tip about treating my skin in the winter holiday season. “Since there is so much activity in your life, don’t add to it on your skin.

Stick with a gentle, yet effective exfoliation and hydration-keep it simple”


Since I love green apple-I thought I would inquire why they are so good for the skin?

“The green apple treatment releases radiating skin while providing firming and tightening effects,” according to Lincoln Lee, Director of DBH. “We created the most effective treatment without any side effects-no peeling, flaking-just fresh, glowing skin for any time but especially great in the colder, winter season. We have a hydrating mask as part of the treatment that allows the skin to look and feel refreshed.”



So, I am sticking to simply gently yet effective….and made my appointment next week at Dr Hadeed’s office for the DBH Green Apple Professional Facial with Michaela. I will be sharing the details in an upcoming video on YouTube-check it out!


green-apple-fruit-peel-15                                  green-apple-fruit-peel

Green Apple Fruit Peel (1oz)                           Green Apple Fruit Peel (4oz)

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