Eating The Sun; Getting your Healthiest Summer Skin!

The sunny warm days have returned! Before eating up those rays and exposing yourself, here are some suggestions to help you protect your skin and keep that hydrated glow!
HYDRATE your skin from the inside AND the outside. Kick up the H2O intake and cut down on the caffeine and tasty cocktails, if possible. Summer time sun exposure, long warm nights with crafty drinks always lead me to sleepy mornings and a cup load of coffee! Bye Bye hydration, hello lines, wrinkles and sunburn!
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EXFOLIATE your skin regularly for even tanning. Be gentle with your skin, it is not a charred pot and you will just be causing microscopic scratches all over your skin. This will cause sensitivity and uneven tanning! Your goal is to gently lift and remove dead skin cells from the surface and not strip the skin, rather hydrate it. Utilizing a gentle exfoliant or resurfacing treatment is best for your skin. Even better, is that you can use these on a daily basis to keep your skin well prepared and hydrated to eat up some sun, while maintaining a healthy and hydrated glow!

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PGC Foam Cleanser (head to toe)
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ANTI-OXIDANT rich on the inside and outside
Omega-3: anti-inflammatory and nutrient fatty acids to protect your skin from sun damage.
Anti-Oxidants: Go for vibrantly colored fruits and dark green vege’s! Boosting up on anti-oxidant rich food will help protect your skin from sun burns.   Dark Chocolate is bursting with antioxidants, yum!
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EXPOSURE to UV rays. Exposing yourself to the sun gradually will allow your skin to slowly adapt, reducing the chance of a sunburn and inflammation. Once you get a burn and you start to peel, your tan will continue to be uneven and blotchy.

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. Aloe Response Mask
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. Organic Age Renew with Beta 10


WAXING AWAY unwanted hair! I know it is the season that us ladies want to wax everything away, I know I do! Lets just remember that waxing is another form of exfoliation to the skin and sometimes our sensitivity is increased, causing the sun to affect our skin in a stronger manner. I always suggest for clients to stay out of the direct sun for at least 24-48 hours. Allow your skin to naturally heal and prepare for direct sun exposure. Then, hydrate well and soak it up!

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BLOODY MARY consumption is a good thing! Loving this blog now! Cooked tomatoes are high in lycopene’s. These are special little anti-oxidants that help against the effects of UV rays: redness, inflammation, sunburns. Enjoy that pasta or grilled tomatoes and burrata! All with a Bloody Mary of course.


CLEAR SKIN. Skin with breakouts tend to be more sensitive in those areas, causing them to “tan” much faster due to the increased melanin production for protection. Clear those up with with daily exfoliation from head to toe:

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Don’t forget, changing daily self care with change of the seasons. Rich creams and lipids are night time repair for active day time lifestyles! Try the below out to maintain smooth and well hydrated skin during the summer days and nights!

. Milk Cream (day)
. Mask repair with leave-on Aloe Response Mask (night)
. Artic Cream (night)
. EGF Cream (night)

Sunny days feel like warm hugs on our skin. As good as it feels, we need to make sure we stay healthy and hydrated on the inside and the outside. Love your skin now and it will love you back later. Remember, invest time and effort into taking care of your SKIN, it’s the only place you have to LIVE.

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Healthy Skin, Healthy You!

Xo, K

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