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About DICA Spa


DICA SPA provides Medical Level Professional Skin Care, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Correction, and Anti-aging aiming at happier, Healthier and more Radiant Skin.

A subsidiary of Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills, an Korean-American manufacturer of skincare, DICA SPA utilizes medical grade ingredients, Eastern philosophies of medicine, and the most advanced techniques in the skin care and spa industry, to resolve and heal skin damage and concerns.

Expert staff is ready to assist and educate in correcting problematic skin, anti-aging and getting to a happier, healthier, more radiant you!

About Dermaesthetics

For centuries, the South Korean countryside has yielded some of the most nutrient rich plants and minerals in the world. It was in this environment that Dr. Ann Lee learned to appreciate the healing power of this legendary region.  Her strong aesthetic sense prompted a move to the United States to pursue her studies as a cosmetic chemist.

For the past 30+ years, Dr. Lee has sourced some of the best ingredients in Asia, Europe, and South America. By combining her Korean heritage and US education in cosmetic chemistry, Dr. Lee has achieved the fine balance of utilizing Western actives & ingredients with the holistic Eastern approach to treating skin concerns and ailments.

With the help and guidance of her family & friends; Dr. Lee launched Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills, a results oriented Skincare Company for beauty professionals. The entire line of products is currently sold globally in over 20 different countries all over Asia, the Middle East, and the America.