Introduction to Dermaesthetics & Chemical Peels

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DERMAESTHETICS presents to you, "Introduction to Chemical Peeling." This seminar is a dive into the science of peeling and will give beauty enthusiasts an in-depth look at the steps necessary for success with a chemical peel.

In the three decades since its founding, DERMAESTHETICS has established itself as a leading force in delivering superior, results-driven products that reflect high- performance medicine and science. Employing purest, most concentrated actives and extracts from Korea's holistic roots with western chemistry and technology, DERMAESTHETICS continues to produce cutting-edge formulations that achieve noticeable improvements.

Discover the science of chemical peeling and how to get the best results from your Dermaesthetics products. Developed and formulated by Dr. Ann Lee, Founder of DERMAESTHETICS, gives you a full understanding of chemical peels so that you can take care of your clients and be confident enough to share your business and services.

Learn the all levels of peeling and the professional care you need to take your practice to the next level.

Location: Online and in person

Time: 9AM - 1PM

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