K-Fit Non-Surgical Facial Sculpting & Lifting Technique

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"K-Fit is a Skin Beautifying massage technique that incorporates Traditional Korean Beauty practices to modern beauty culture. By strengthening the core muscles in your face and neck, you can look younger by creating better facial symmetry." - MIsha Hwang

Skin has a natural tendency to sag with age, encountering circulation issues that lead to an increased number of fine lines and wrinkles. This year we've also seen how much stress can reduce the quality of skin as well as entire body health - even just from being one's desk all day! Many women are now in their twenties or thirties and feeling the pressure of aging on their skin. Tired eyes, problems with stretch marks, acne, sporadic hair growth... It can really seem like our bodies betray us over time. But what if it doesn't have to be this way? K-fit is a new solution for those seeking youthful beauty care but don't want invasive surgery or pills. Korean facial developed by Misha Hwang is an innovative approach to facial aesthetics. It includes a series of hands-on moves, massage and high frequency placement which contour the muscles to provide a softening effect on the skin. With traditional Korean beauty practices blended with modern beauty culture, the benefits include stronger jawline’s, higher cheekbones and de-puffed eyes that will leave you feeling refreshed as if you just had good night's rest.

Aesthetic Results Include Stronger Jawlines, Firmer Skin, and Toned Facial Features

Improvement of facial symmetry by incorporating Traditional Korean Beauty practices to modern beauty culture. Manually strengthen the core muscles of the face and neck for a more youthful appearance. K-Fit hands-on class covers theory and practical such topics as Standardized procedures and protocols, Pre- and Post-care instructions, Skin analysis/Benefits of the K-Fit Technique, hands-on techniques, and price structuring.

Starter Kit, 8oz Phospholipid Massage Cream, 1oz Essential Face Therapy

  • 1-day Basic with Misha $750.00
  • 2-day Advanced with Misha $1250.00

What To Expect:

  • Theory and Hands-on
  • All courses require a reservation and a 50% deposit.
  • Kits will be available at a discounted price, day of course only.
  • Models Required.
  • One complimentary 1-hour refresher within 30 days after any K-Fit Class

What to wear:

  • Dress comfortably in tennis shoes. Preferable work-out gear.

Location: Fullerton, CA

*Disclaimer, The following series of information, training material, manuals, DVDs, and PowerPoints have been prepared for Dermaesthetics Institute of Clinical Aesthetics (DICA) by Isabel Calleros, Aesthetics Educator, in collaboration portion or in-whole with Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills Formula, USA (DBH) and is available to all licensed professionals aesthetics clinicians or enrolled aesthetics students in the beauty and medical fields who have made monetary compensation for this training. All professionals offering these skin and body treatments have the responsibility to investigate their regulatory agencies in their state for the rules and regulations regarding the use of these types of products and modalities for use of beautification.

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