Feed your Face

Feed your Face By Kristine Seganti Get your skin ready for Summer! Some of us are still recuperating from the Winter Fun with dry and sensitive skin. Spring is already here changing my complexion and in need of some prepping for Summer Sun! Having a beautiful and youthful glowing complexion is what everyone wants, right?

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Regimens Required

Regimens Required By Carissa St. Rose   Half the battle with repairing, perfecting, and protecting your skin is establishing a self-care regimen to supplement professional treatments. Regimens are typically customized by your Aesthetician to suit your skin type and address any present skin concerns. Your initial regimen will most likely consist of a Cleanser, Toner,

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The Magic Mushroom

| the magic mushroom | by Kristine Seganti THERE IS a magic mushroom that can slow the aging process, will you eat it Alice?  Yes! said Alice.  Yes, I would and I will, give it to me now, she belted. Reality: That’s actually me talking, not Alice.  Although I am positive that Alice and everyone else still

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