What is a Gommage?

What is a gommage?   Gommage comes from the French word “ Erase”,  And t Is exactly what dermaesthetics see Herb gommage does for your skin. Our unique blend of nutrients  such as seaweed and shea butter combined with Lactic Acid help to “ erase”not only dead skin cells but also the effects of free

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WINter Healthy Skin

WINter Healthy Skin By Kristine M. Seganti   Winning with your skin during the winter months can be challenging.  Our skin is constantly changing due to diet, weather, seasons, self-care and more.  Many of us, myself included, end up overusing products to remove dead skin cells, dullness and to smooth out texture and dryness, this does

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Which Moisturizer is Best for YOU?

All too often, my clients complain that moisturizer makes their skin too “greasy” so they omit that step in their daily regimen. It’s also common to hear they’ve been using the same moisturizer their mother has been using for years, which is truly the equivalent of saying you’ve had the same wardrobe since high school,

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